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About the artist


Shradha  Gambhir is an Indian artist. After completing her graduation in finance and accounting, she enrolled for MBA but she felt a void in her life. Her free play of pen on paper led to doodling and this made her realise her true passion towards art. She was drawn towards the riot of colors which could give form to her creativity and imagination. She enrolled for a couple of art workshops to enhance her skills and gain knowledge. Continuing her passion for art she enrolled and graduated from MILAN ART INSTITUTE, Arizona (U.S.A).

Her  paintings are a reflection of her observations, moods and experiences. Her works unfold the stories that her canvases hold. There are multiple characters conveying a plethora of emotions of love, hope, failure, commitment, vulnerability which find expression in her works. Her ability to depict minute details in her works is very appealing and the magical performance on the blank sheets is quite captivating for the inquisitive onlooker.

She has successfully participated and exhibited her works at galleries and eminent exhibitions in India and continues to do so. Along with that she sells her work internationally.

She resides in India with her family and travels a lot to draw motivation and inspiration for her art work. Her desire is to make people connect with their inner self and  become aware about their feelings and deep innate beauty of heart and mind and this is beautifully visible in her artworks.

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